Our Team

We all have very different backgrounds. Student, family man, political scientist, teacher, media people – at 2aid.org we combine our diverse competences into a strong network. And we all work voluntarily.

Besides our studies and jobs we use our spare time to make the world a little better. We don’t have an office but work decentralised. To make sure we don’t lose personal touch we also meet in person at least twice a year.

Anna Vikky
1st Executive Board and Initiator 2aid.org
anna.vikky (at) 2aid.orgFacebookTwitter

„A little consideration, a little thought for others makes all the difference." - Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh

Her 2aid.org Story & Kontact

Jill Zimmer
2nd Executive Board, MyAid, Fundraising & Events
jill.willems (at) 2aid.orgFacebook

„I'm like everyone else - I see the world in terms of what I would like to see happen, not what actually does." Paulo Coelho

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Bea Paeßler
Water Project Coordinator, Social Media & Blog
bea.paessler (at) 2aid.orgFacebookTwitter

„No act of kindness - no matter how small - is ever wasted." Äsop

Bianca Janz
Volunteer Coordinator & Social Media
bianca.janz (at) 2aid.orgFacebook

„Don't dream your life - live your dream."

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Christine Löprich
Translations, Project Pages
christine.loeprich (at) 2aid.orgFacebook

"Where would we stand, if everybody said where would we stand, and nobody went to look, where we would stand, if we went?" – Kurt Marti

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Danijel Nevistic
Website and Online Fundraising
danijel.nevistic (at) 2aid.org Facebook Twitter

„When many little people, in many little places, take many little steps, they can change the world." African proverb
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Svenja Feuster
Communications & Educational Projects
svenja.feuster (at) 2aid.org

„Es gibt nichts Gutes, außer man tut es. (Actions speak louder than words.)" Erich Kästner

Michael Groß
Website and Online Fundraising
michael.gross (at) 2aid.orgFacebook

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Johanna Uhlig
Blog & Marketing
johanna.uhlig (at) 2aid.orgFacebook

Helping Hands

For special projects, extraordinary tasks, or as needed we rely on the support of our many helping hands:

Mark Makowsky // Ivo Raguz // Maria Kaliner // Alice Röser // Falco Peters // Sara Kramer // Nils Ott // Lisa Offenbacher // and many more

You want to get active and do something against extreme poverty?
Get in touch with us. Simply drop us an e-mail: team@2aid.org
We look forward to hearing from you!