Mission – Fighting Water Scarcity

2aid.org’s mission is to fight global water scarcity and preventable diseases. We want to empower people living in extreme poverty by providing effective and sustainable aid.

What “effective aid” means to us

On the one hand we believe in international cooperation with other NGOs to take full advantage of synergies. This way required ressources can be provided much more efficiently. One example would be parallel fundraising efforts in multiple countries to realise projects faster and utilise existing know-how for maximum sustainability.

On the other hand 2aid.org aims to keep bureaucracy at a minimum to guarantee 100% of project donations actually contribute to our water projects. We furthermore want to avoid bureaucratic hurdles as much as possible to take decisions quickly and realise projects efficiently.

What “sustainable aid” means to us

At 2aid.org we don’t just realise the projects – we want them to be sustainable. That means that we regularly monitor each of our projects after completion to guarantee long-term functionality. At least once a year we go on field trips to Uganda to assess the projects and meet people first-hand.

We furthermore do not want to only provide financial assistance, but change people’s environments for the better to foster development. Our projects empower people and provide them with the chance to take their lives into their own hands and provide for themselves.