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Hey everyone,

as you all know, Water is Life!

Unfortunately, access to clean water is not available to a lot of people around the globe. In many communities in Uganda and Nepal for instance, the water sources are miles away from the villages, and they are often heavily contaminated, leading to a wide spread of waterborne diseases.

Together we can improve the circumstances for people in these communities.

The team works completely voluntarily, so 100% of donations go directly into the projects in Uganda and Nepal.

As a member of the team I am starting this call for donations today to build a well for the approximately 390 people living in the Ugandan village of Irondo in the Kyakatwanga Parish. With funds of 2,275 Euros our local partner organisation Emesco Development Foundation will construct a shallow well that will significantly improve the health situation and general standard of living in the community. I would massively appreciate your support in realising this project. Thank you very much, also on behalf of the Irondo community and the entire team!

If you have questions about our projects or maybe event want to realise a well project yourself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself or the team.

Many thanks,
Meike Lenzen

Photo: A man in the village of Irondo is fetching water from a heavily contaminated water hole, the only access to drinking water for people in the community.

Please support and share my project with friends and family and donate via Paypal or transfer to our projects account, using the reference “Meike”:

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